I wanted to pass along my gratitude to all those who were involved in the Jim Bedard Goalie Camp this year. It was our son's first time at the DCHS after one of his coaches in the Goulds Goalie Clinic recommended it. Jim, Sonny, Deacon, Cameron and the many helpers on the ice provided a truly enriching experience for all the players. I know that to orchestrate such a week takes an immense amount of planning and hours... I feel that my son's skating and drills have really improved, but most importantly, he really enjoyed the experience.

Lillian Regular

The Danny Cleary Hockey School Showcase was an awesome experience. The level of organization and professionalism was first class. Our son was very impressed with the on-ice skating with Rebecca Babb, the one-on-one conversation by the instruction staff and he couldn’t say enough good things about his coaches behind the bench. As parents, the off-ice information sessions with the MHL, RHS and the DCHS staff was great information for education opportunities, growth, and opportunities within the hockey world. The comradery and wiliness to share information with both the players and parents was the best we’ve experienced.

Jason Farrell

To date this has been the best organized camp we have attended! On ice the kids were constantly moving and engaged. The coaching staff was great! The presentations were fun and informative, and the kids took away the message every time. It was nice to see off ice conditioning as well as I felt this helped the kids understand being a well-rounded athlete. Both boys can’t wait to come back next year!!

Victoria Burry

Wanted to say thank you to you and all the staff for a terrific week . The on ice instruction was the best yet , not only from your usual staff but the session with coach Lewis was great and Rebecca Babb’s power skating sessions were tremendous . Connor was on team Stanley cup and I wanted to acknowledge their in dressing room coach Chase Wellon , he couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful with the kids , all week smiling , happy and helpful . A great role model for the kids . Connor wanted to send a shout out to Marcus Power who he said was his favourite on ice coach this week . Great job to you all , what a week . See you next year.

Mike (Connor’s Dad)

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for such a well-run camp this past summer. We are back in Alberta from our vacation and I have some time to actually write an email. To say that your camp was outstanding is an understatement. From the level of teaching and breaking down the drills in simple form to the teachable moments that both you and Gavin never wasted an opportunity to address. Your example of cutting a AAA player because he cheated on drills after you saw some kids do the same. You did this in such a way as to not out kids but were straight up with them. You gave them examples of what it takes to work hard and the mental toughness that they need in order to reach their goals. Rebecca Babb power skating sessions were amazing. The presenters that carried the no opportunity wasted theme and broke it down to everyday life for the kids was awesome. The goal- setting session - wow! Danny answered questions and was so down to earth with the kids and parents - amazing to see! Chase in the dressing room and on the ice displayed such maturity and level-headedness when dealing with the different personalities was above par. From a parents perspective, it was a sign of relief when you stated to some effect to the kids you may not continue with hockey but you will need to work hard in every part of your life. It was so good to see both you and Gavin use your own motto from the camp and reiterated throughout the camp. There is no comparison to DCHS to any other camp or coaching that we have experienced. We could only wish that the overall vibe of your camp could be displayed by so many others in the hockey community across Canada. Your focus on developing kids into well rounded individuals, great skilled players and respect for others no matter their skill level is top shelf.

Jennifer Earle

Just want to send along a big thank you! This is our first time participating in the Danny Cleary Hockey School. I was so impressed with the organization and implementation of everything! My boys, Bryce and Wyatt, felt like rockstars all week! And, even though Wyatt had tears every single day he is super pumped to come back next year! I really wanted say that I loved that you kept your microphone on the whole time you were on the ice! It was nice to know what was going on at all times. It was also great to hear you interacting with the kids! I loved hearing you encourage them, correct them and push them! Just awesome! I also loved that Cleary, Larkin, Howard, DiPietro were so down to earth with all the kids. I’m pretty sure my boys think they are best friends with them all now! The game today was certainly a highlight for them and for us cheering in the stands. And, finally, the young coaches were amazing! I don’t even know how to tell you how much I appreciate the way they interacted with the kids. They were so fun yet professional. Kansas, in particular, was so good to Bryce and Wyatt. He is so good at keeping the boys in line, he helps out any chance he can, he is very kind and caring, he is so encouraging, and he makes sure everyone is having fun. A wonderful young man.

Stephanie Jones

The Danny Cleary Hockey School is an amazing experience for young players of all ages. Our son attended for the first time this year and he is still talking about! The level of organization and professionalism demonstrated by ALL staff of the DCHS was remarkable. Organizers and coaches will go out of their way to ensure the experience is appropriate and enjoyable for your child. Students will learn lots of skills, make new friends and life long memories. We would highly recommend the DCHS to all those who love the game!

Nicholas, Kelly and Gary Barrett

Having participated in numerous hockey camps over the past 5 years going all around the island to attend different ones, I can honestly say without hesitation , the DCHS camp was the most organized, well run, every day on time from start and finish, disciplined, hard working and fun too lol that my son Zach had even attended.... Each year I ask him, "So how did you like that one? And would you do that one again?" EVERY YEAR he says "It was OK Mom but might try a different one next year" BUT THIS year while driving home around the bay, when I asked him same questions, he said "I LOVED THIS ONE the most MOM everyday was different! Definitely want to do it again next year!!" That says a lot to me, and we look forward to next year! My brother in law Sheldon Smith told us to try the DCHS , as did Pam, and I can't thank them both enough!! Thank you very much for such a well-run camp , hats off to you Corey you do a phenomenal job sincerely.

Nicole Bursey

Danny Cleary hockey school is an extremely professional program that builds character, confidence, skill and friendships. My son has been a part of DCHS for two years and loves every minute of it. The experienced local and visiting trainers involved in this school are second to none. Each on ice and off ice training session is designed to target specific skills to benefit a players development. The student-instructor ratio is outstanding and the kids love having NHL players and staff with them on ice during each session. For any athlete who wants to improve their game to the next level, I highly recommend DCHS. Looking forward to next year!

Abby Noel

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank-you to you and your entire team for the time and effort you put into Kenny (and all of the kids) this week. It is a first class operation you guys are running. From the guy who welcomes you at the door to the on ice instructors. Please pass along my thanks to Danny and the entire team. It is so cool when someone has such success but remembers where he is from and how he got there and takes the time to give back. Kenny has spent every evening shooting at cans tied to a hockey net in the driveway and telling me what he has learned. Again thanks and the hard work and preparation that goes into the school shows. Looking forward to next year.

Greg Brown

Just writing a note to say how impressed I am with the Danny Cleary Hockey School again this year. The organization and professionalism of the entire staff is second to none! My son Andrew, felt immediately comfortable with the coaches right from the first day. The staff was welcoming and friendly and enthusiastic the entire week. The instruction was fantastic and the feedback from coaches to players on their performance was positive and encouraging! As a parent, I appreciated the smiling staff welcoming the hockey players right from the entrance of the rink. It was a huge benefit to be able to stay out of the dressing room and know that my son will get all the help he needed with his skates and be properly supervised at the same time. The presentations were excellent and informative! I must say, the players were respectful and attentive during the presentations I sat in on. Another huge thank you to Danny Cleary himself for being so personable with the players. My son felt so proud that Danny Cleary called him by name:). Again, the on ice picture and of course, the signing of the hats and jerseys is something extra special for the young players. It requires a generous amount of Danny's time to do this but it creates wonderful memories for the players.

Katrina Moores

My son loves DC hockey school! We have been attending this school for several years now and have never been disappointed! The organization of the entire camp has been fantastic. It puts a smile on my sons face when we walk in and the instructors all know him by name. Coach Corey Crocker demonstrates great discipline and instruction on and off the ice - when Corey speaks the kids listen! The instructors take the time to get to know each kid and makes great impressions on them. It is awesome to see Danny on the ice giving one on one instruction and helping to build their confidence. We are excited to attend DC Hockey School in 2018 for their 10th Anniversary and to see what great things are yet to come!

Nancy Cuff (Watson)

We have been attending DCHS since our goaltender first put on his goalie skates. The initial draw to the school was most certainly the name recognition and the option, right here at home, to have our goalie work with and interact with Stanley Cup Champions. But from our initial registration to the first sessions on the ice, we knew this experience would be a special hockey memory. The school puts a strong emphasis on the complete athlete - on ice, off ice and away from the arena. They don't just talk about discipline, professionalism, character, tenacity, dedication and passion for the game, every member of the coaching and development team lives these values everyday at camp. You couldn't ask for a stronger coach, mentor, teacher and leader than Jim Bedard. His love for the goalie position and the game is infectious and he manages to teach a wide variety of ages at a level that they all develop, grow and enhance their skills. He expects every goalie to work towards their best and gives each one an opportunity to show leadership on the ice. When you watch him interact with his goalies you can see how much he loves his job, the game of hockey and the development of young goaltenders. He approaches his drills with energy and enthusiasm and expects the same from his students. Our goalie has learned so much from Jim, much of it about life in the net, but he has gained many more skills he will use more broadly in life. Thank you to Jim, his assistants over the years and the entire DCHS family for the opportunity to be a part of such a professional experience. Can't wait for year 10!

Christina Marshall