Jim Bedard and Phil Osaer Team Up Again for the 2024 DCHS Jim Bedard Goalie Camp


Welcome to the 2024 Jim Bedard Goalie Camp.  Stanley Cup Champion Jim Bedard, alongside Detroit Red Wings Development and Goalie Scout, Phil Osaer will focus on individual goalie skill development.  Throughout the five-day camp (10 on-ice sessions) your goalie will learn how to perform various techniques and be challenged to become a more efficient puck stopper. 

We will be focusing on rebound control, net presence, tracking pucks, handling the puck, post play side to side, compete, game awareness, angles, and foot work.  You will also receive 4 intimate and interactive goalie specific video sessions led by Phil Osaer.  The video sessions will provide your goalie with real-time video instruction that will efficiently transfer to the on-ice portion of your camp. 

In addition to the on-ice portion your goalie will receive 4 hockey specific off ice fitness sessions that cover agility, speed, power, balance, core strength, coordination, flexibility, teamwork, plus much more.  On the fourth day of our camp all our goalies are treated to a catered banquet that has motivational speeches and great giveaways. 

The shooting staff for the Jim Bedard Goalie Camp are mature and have the shooting skills to effectively place pucks to accommodate the individual drills being performed.  Our professional goalie staff are equipped with teaching techniques and resources that will ensure your athlete will develop in a constructive, controlled, and FUN environment.

See you at the Jim Bedard Goalie Camp